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I love my home state of Maine, although I do occasionally fantasize about moving to a locale with milder temperatures. On the upside, the long, cold winters give me plenty of time to plot my next romance.

I love books as well, and I can't imagine a world without the written word to enrich, inspire, entertain, and touch our hearts. I'm thrilled to make a small contribution to the treasure trove. I began my writing career penning articles and short stories, but it has long been my dream to write romance novels. Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Scout program, that dream is now a reality!  

I'm the first to admit my romances aren't serious literature. I like to think of them  as fluffy, fun, romantic romps--like decadently rich cupcakes, heavy on the frosting.

I love to hear from readers! Please drop by and visit me anytime at my website, You can also keep in touch with the latest Weaver Romance happenings via my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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