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You Brought A Book To Life!

Kindle Scouts, you're amazing! You did it! Because you took the time to read and nominate "Her Billionaire Bodyguard Bridegroom" during its campaign, the second novel in my "Secret Sentinels" series is going to be published by Kindle Press!

I cannot begin to relay how much your support means to me. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the excerpt enough to award it your vote of confidence, and I so hope you'll enjoy Luke and Brianna's story. A free copy will be winging its way to you shortly before Amazon makes the book available for sale. You'll receive an e-mail from Kindle Scout letting you know when you can download it.

The third book in the "Secret Sentinels" series is underway, and I'm having a fabulous time getting to know

Frank and Stephanie. If there was ever a couple meant to be, it's these two. I can't wait to share their story with you. For now, I'll leave you with my heartfelt thanks for believing in this series as much as I do.

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