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His Captivating Confidante changed to Ba

Bargaining With The Billionaire Bodyguard


Having miraculously survived the bombing that blasted his private jet out of the sky, billionaire Donovan White has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice. Now a covert operative for the Sentinels Agency, he is closing in on the man responsible for the crash. When his mission is nearly botched by a spunky reporter with a score of her own to settle, he reluctantly strikes a bargain with the one woman who just might be capable of decimating his love proof armor.

Reporter Madison Tremaine will do anything to secure the promotion she desperately needs—even if it means bargaining with a devilish billionaire. But there’s more than a career upgrade at stake. Her ability to unearth the truth surrounding a newly discovered family secret hinges on the sexy billionaire. 


When their quests collide, will their dangerous deal lead to love or will it cost them more than either of them bargained for?


Her Private Protector  Kindle Scout.jpg
His Captivating Confidante

Sexy ex-CIA agent Frank Ireland thinks he knows Stephanie Knight, his best friend since childhood, better than anyone. When he accepts a position with a covert protection firm that caters to an exclusive clientele he discovers the woman he thought was a mild-mannered librarian is actually a kick-ass covert bodyguard.


Working alongside Stephanie, Frank is eager to discover what other secrets lurk beneath his captivating confidante’s prim and proper exterior. But as they work together to track his ex-CIA partner’s killer, can he keep Stephanie safe while pursuing his dangerous vendetta? 


Her Billionaire Bodyguard Bridegroom

The one and only time covert bodyguard Luke Reynolds allowed the line between duty and desire to blur, pleasure came at too high a price.  Despite his vow never to become emotionally entangled again, when he discovers a lovely interloper on the grounds of his private estate, he's captivated.  When the woman disappears from his life as quickly as she entered it, he knows he should be relieved.  So why isn't he?


The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride

Bodyguard Lauren Reynolds grew up lying to survive, while billionaire Rafe Dimitriou was raised to uphold a strict code of honor.  The hot billionaire's most formidable competitor isn't as scrupulous.  When a problematic caveat stands between Rafe and victory against his nemesis, he's forced to corner Lauren into marriage so he can best his rival in the bidding war.  

Lauren  agrees to Rafe's proposal, but her motivation for doing so is far more compelling than family loyalty.  She's been assigned to covertly protect Rafe in the wake of threats made against the Dimitriou family.  As his wife, she'll have the perfect opportunity to watch over him without arousing his suspicion.  She'll guard him with her life, but who will protect her heart?

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