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Welcome to the awesome adventure that is Kindle Vella, Amazon's new serialized reading platform! With Vella, you can kick back and relax with a fantabulous read whenever and wherever you'd like. Craving a new literary escape? Vella lets you enjoy fabulous stories in snack size portions. The first three episodes of the stories are FREE!  Just belly up to the word buffet and sample the delicacies. 

Subsequent episodes are purchased with tokens. As of this writing on July 19, 2021, a bundle of 200 tokens is just $1.99! Talk about bang for your reading buck!

Seduced By His Safeguarder is Season One of my new series for Kindle Vella, The Paladins Of Port Sicuro. 

There will be many more romantic suspense adventures to come in this series!  The serial will follow billionaire Robert Paladin’s sons and daughters as they work together to pick up their father’s mantle after his secret crusade to anonymously protect the city he loves ends in his murder.


Upon discovering their father’s clandestine mission, they vow to continue his work—and to find his killer. As the Paladin men and women embark on their quest to protect the city they love, they find their soulmates along the way. I hope you'll come along on their adventures!



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