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Her Secret Safeguarder is Season One of my new series for Kindle Vella, The Safeguarders Of Port Sicuro. The serial follows billionaire Robert Paladin’s sons and daughters as they work together to pick up their father’s mantle after his secret crusade to anonymously protect the city he loves ends in his murder.


Upon discovering their father’s clandestine mission, they vow to continue his work—and to find his killer. As the Paladin men and women embark on their quest to protect the city they love, they find their soulmates along the way. I hope you'll come along on their adventures!

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Every episode of IN A HEARTBEAT is a celebration of love! If you're ready for a romantic literary getaway, come shake off the stress of the day with some heartwarming reading time. Grab your beverage of choice and a sweet treat, and find a comfy spot to relax with an episode or two from this collection of happily ever after short stories.

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